hi there!

i'm faye, a 16 year old aroace trans girl with ASD, currently out of education.

computers are my thing, and a full list should be available here (if not, it's coming, just wait for it). vehicles are a second thing and are probably not the reason you're here.

contacting me

i am available in various places, however the fastest response you will get is through my discord: keisozoku#3299.

upon contacting me, state who you are and what your intention is, especially if you're a member of the british press who for some reason needs to contact me.

note for said british press

you will be background checked upon contact. i will refuse to communicate if you do not meet the criteria, and i'll gladly give reasons on top of that.

make my job easy, will ya. drop a twitter/mastodon link in your introductory message.

obligatory mastodon verification: Mastodon